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On Healthy Homes and Time Saving Strategies

Preparing Your Home for a Cleaning Service

House cleaning services are a lifesaver for many busy individuals and families. Whether you're a working professional with limited free time or a parent juggling multiple responsibilities, hiring a cleaning service can help you maintain a clean and organized home. However, to ensure that the cleaning service can do their job effectively, it's essential to prepare your home beforehand.


Top 5 Things You Need to Do to Get Your House Ready for Winter

As the days grow shorter and temperatures drop, it's time to prepare your home for the winter season with these tips.


Mopify Named One of Toronto's Best Cleaning Services

We're excited and honoured to be named one of the best cleaning services in Toronto by the 'Cleaning Service Reviewed' blog.


Important Tips for Child Proofing Your Home

Child Proofing Your Home

Do you have kids? Have family or friends with kids that come over often? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this article is for you!

We've collected a bunch of child proofing tips from the experts to help you make sure your place is safe and secure for your little munchkins.


To Host or Not to Host: The Airbnb Conundrum

It’s hard not to notice the hospitality phenomenon of AirBnB. With millions of listings throughout 190 countries and 34,000 cities, the website and mobile application has certainly garnered international attention.

The platform has proven to be quite attractive for both guests and hosts. Travellers get access to local accommodations and activities for discounted rates, and hosts gain a great side business for something they’re already paying for.

Speaking of hosting, are you considering offering your home or an experience on AirBnB? If the answer is yes, let us help you decide whether becoming a host will be worth your while.

We have narrowed the logic down to three core questions you should review before signing up!


Six Things to Consider Before Your House Cleaner Arrives

What to do before your house cleaner arrives

So, you're booking your first house cleaning appointment and must be excited to see your house restored to its former sparkling glory! But did you know there's a couple things you can do proactively to make sure your house cleaning service goes as smoothly as possible?

We’ve outlined a quick checklist of things you should consider attending to before the big cleaning day.


Five Apps to Help You Save Money

money saving apps

Gone are the days of cutting coupons out of the Saturday newspaper. The 21st Century has arrived and with it are awesome, money saving apps.

While they may add a few seconds to your shopping, these apps are easy, simple to use, and actually make saving fun. From coupon hunting to basic budgeting, here are five apps that will save you money and help you meet your financial goals.


Five Airbnb Blogs All Hosts Should Follow

Great Airbnb Blogs for Hosts

Airbnb blogs are a great resource for any host looking to improve their reviews, profits, and engagement with guests.

From getting insider insights to tax breaks to learning about new time-saving services (such as Mopify’s Airbnb Cleaning & Turnover Service), Airbnb blogs are a great way to ensure you’re always on the top of your game.

However, with so many websites out there, it can be hard to know who to trust and what to read. Thus, to help you out this spring, here are our top five favourite Airbnb blogs.


Follow These Steps to Keep Your House Perpetually Clean

Clean House

Ever feel overwhelmed once your house has gotten out-of-control messy and you're faced with tackling the disaster? Well, the best way to buck that feeling is to adopt some daily routines designed to avoid the mess altogether.

By committing to simple routines and small tasks, such as doing the dishes and brushing your animals, you can see your home become cleaner while not working yourself any harder. It’s quite magical actually.

Thus, to get you ready for the season of cleaning, here are some easy steps to follow to keep your house maintainably clean.


Green Your Home With These Tips

Eco-Friendly Houses

We spend a lot of time and money in our homes, so why not make it more eco-friendly? Over time, eco-friendly homes not only save you money, but also protects the environment, which means your kids and their kids and their kids can enjoy the same fresh air and clean lakes you did as a child. Not a bad plan, eh?

However, rather than asking to fork out huge sums of money on new windows or solar panels or forcing you to live like a cavemen living in no heat, our goals are easy ideas for the everyday family to follow.

Thus, here are our steps to making your home more eco-friendly.


5 Popular Essential Oils for Everyday Use in your House

essential oils

As people are becoming more weary of the chemicals present in many traditional cleaning solutions, essential oils are quickly becoming a popular staple among households. They're completely natural, versatile and surprisingly easy to use.

But for those new to essential oils, there's a lot of options and it may be hard to understand where to start. We're here to help get you started by exploring five of the more popular essential oils and how you can apply them in your house.


How Fast Fashion is Slowly Killing the Planet

fast fashion industry

Here's a few shocking stats to think about:

  • Fashion is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world (oil the 1st)
  • The average North American throws away 65 lbs of clothing each year
  • Workers in textile factories overseas can make as little as $10 per month

Couple that with the fact that the fashion industry now follows 52 "micro-seasons" designed to make us buy more and more and you can see how this problem will be getting worse over time.


Why Every Airbnb Host Should Provide Guests with a Guidebook

Airbnb Host Guidebooks

If you’re an Airbnb host, you probably hear the same questions over-and-over again. “Where is the closest cafe?” … “What’s the wifi password?” ... “Can we use the washing machine?”

These same 10-or-so questions can lead some hosts into insanity, making you feel more like a robot that is simply repeating the same instructions.

This is where a guidebook comes in handy. By simply leaving out a book full of notes, maps, and brochures, your guests instantly have all the answers they need, without even having to get into contact with you. Freedom! It also increases the likelihood of a glowing review.

In order to help you prep for the busy spring and summer seasons, here are Mopify’s top five reasons for why every Airbnb host should have a guidebook.


Easy Ways to Exchange Keys with Your Airbnb Guests

Airbnb key exchange

While it can be nice to meet face-to-face with the people staying in your home, sometimes life gets in the way and you simply don’t have the time to rush home after work to drop off the keys. Plus, with guests occasionally arriving late - like really late - this exchange of keys, which normally only takes five-minutes long, can turn into hours of waiting, leading you to lose out on valuable free time.

So in order to make your Airbnb venture more enjoyable, we’ve devised our top five ways to remotely exchange keys with your Airbnb guests. From installing new locks to simply making some new friends, here is our list of the best non-traditional key exchanges:


Ten Tips for Flying With Children

Tips for Flying With Kids

Flying with children can be tough as we all know our little ones simply aren’t as patient as us when it comes to waiting in line, waiting for take-off, waiting for luggage, waiting for... well, you get the picture.

But who can blame them? From sitting uncomfortably for many hours to being fed gross TV-dinner meals, travelling by plane can be tiresome. So in order to help make your trip down south this winter a little smoother than last year's, here are 10 tips for flying with children.


Amazing Desserts You Can Make With Four Ingredients or Less

Easy to cook desserts

Who doesn't love eating dessert? Nobody, that's who. But making dessert? That's a different story. You've got to source the ingredients, spend time finding recipes and then more time actually making it.

This Holiday season, we're committed to making your life easier by highlighting some recipes that are not only easy to cook, but can be made with ingredients you've probably already got sitting in your pantry.


20 Christmas Gifts That Are Literally Perfect for Anyone

20 great christmas gift ideas

Okay, I know what you’re thinking - FOR ANYONE? How is it possible that these items will suit every unique family member and friend of mine this year?

Well, with careful research, we have narrowed it down to 20 awesome gift ideas under $100.00 that anyone would love and find useful. Whether it’s for your mother who raised you or a boss you don’t know that well, we’re going to help you find something perfect!


Cleaning Schedule for Neglected Areas of your Home

clean your mattress

From changing the bed sheets to washing your jeans, everything in your home has its own expiry date. Waiting just a few days to a few weeks can turn some household objects from somewhat dirty to downright filthy.

While some people (such as teenage boys) have the ability to stretch these dates out for what seems like years, most people enjoy to be proactive in their cleaning and have schedules of when objects in their home, such as the fridge or garage, need to get cleaned. An obvious example of a popular cleaning schedule is spring cleaning. However, sometimes people can become a little too proactive in their cleaning schedules and start to clean every object in their home a little too often, causing things, such as those comfy blue jeans to become over washed, worn out, tight fitting jeans. Thus, in order to help you find that sweet middle point of a house cleaning schedule, here is a list of when everything in your house should be cleaned.


Six Great Ways to Wrap a Gift Card this Holiday

How to Wrap Gift Cards

Gift cards are awesome. They’re easy to buy, never sell out, don’t come in sizes, and pretty much everyone loves to get one. Talk about a perfect gift!

However, sometimes gift cards can be seen as a lazy or uncreative present since they are just a plastic card. Thus, in order to better prepare you for this upcoming holiday season, here are six sleek ways to beautifully disguise a gift card.


Five On-Demand Apps Every Canadian Should Know About

Whether it’s booking a house cleaning online, getting a babysitter from your computer, ordering a taxi from your smartphone, or renting-out your neighbour’s home from your tablet, on-demand apps are everywhere and they can make your life really easy. With so many apps out there, it can be tough to know which ones are actually worth your time and money and which ones are just fads. To help you out, the Mopify Team has compiled our five favourite on-demand apps servicing Toronto and Ottawa.


Five Essential Tips for Airbnb Hosts

Whether you’ve been hosting for years or you’re about to have your first guest over, an Airbnb host should always be thinking of ways to improve their home. While not every home can be a luxury apartment, there are little things you can do as host to improve your guests’ stay. From providing free coffee to properly marketing your home, here are five common mistakes Airbnb hosts make.


How to Prepare Your House for the Winter

As Jon Snow loves to remind us, “Winter is Coming!” But is your house ready for the onslaught of sleet, snow and sub-zero temperatures coming at it?


Mopify Referral Program

We're excited to unveil our new customer referral program that's live as of now.

mopify referral program


Announcing our Airbnb Cleaning & Turnover Service

If you're an Airbnb host with a good rating, you're likely accommodating lots of visitors every month -- probably even more during the spring and summer months.

But sometimes, life gets hectic and then you've got back-to-back bookings and no time to clean, change the linens, and make sure everything's just right for your next set of guests.

Or, maybe you're out of town and can't physically get to your house in between bookings to take care of the turnover.


How to De-Clutter Your House From the Comfort of Your Couch

declutter your house using the internet

Over time, your house collects junk. It's a fact of life. If you don't stay on top of it, you may find yourself with a dearth of clutter that's taking up your living spaces. Or, in extreme cases, you might find yourself the subject of the latest episode of Hoarders!

Getting rid of all this stuff feels great. In fact, it's been proven time and time again that de-cluttering is actually correlated to happiness.

The problem is you're busy. You've got tons of stuff that can't just be thrown to the curb on garbage day and it's a pain to figure out where to take it for proper disposal.

Well guess what, the internet has your back! More specifically, Craigslist free listings has your back. You'd be surprised what people will come and take off your hands if you post it under the 'free' category. Talk about the lazy man's path to a minimalist living space! And best of all, you can manage the entire process from your couch.


Holiday House Cleaning Guide

Holiday Cleaning Guide

The holidays are supposed to be relaxing, spending time with family and friends. But often, if you're hosting many of the get-togethers, the holidays are downright stressful.

You've constantly got to stay on top of your house cleaning while at the same time cook and entertain. Then rinse, repeat. Before you know it, the holidays are over and you're less rested than you were going in.

This year, we'll try to help you de-stress your holidays by giving you some tips for prepping your house to avoid the day-of cleaning chaos.


Keep Your Vacuum Sucking With These Maintenance Tips

Vacuum Maintenance

It's amazing how few people take the time to give their most important house cleaning tool the tender loving care it needs. That's right, we're talking about your vacuum – the completely neglected cleaning hero of your household.

Follow these maintenance tips to keep your machine performing at its peak, getting rid of dirt and dust instead of spreading it.


How to Never Clean Your Fridge Again

How to clean your fridge

Tips on Maintaining a Tidy Appliance

As you clean your house, it's natural to ignore the inside of your fridge. But if you change your habits and include it in your regular home cleaning routine, you'll see world of difference.

You'll also be able to avoid those bi-annual pull-everything-out insane top-to-bottom fridge cleanings because you won't need them.

Here's some ideas to put into rotation regularly.


Make Your Own Green Cleaning Products

Clean your house and save some money with these homemade green cleaning product recipes.

Have you ever read the labels of many of your traditional house cleaning products? It can be kinda scary. They're often loaded with harsh chemicals like ammonia, bleach, acids and peroxides. When these chemicals get in the air, they can irritate your lungs and eyes. What's more alarming is that your kids and pets are especially susceptible to this.

Some of these products even contain antibacterial agents (basically pesticides) that actually can have the reverse effect of what they're meant for. Over time, they can make bacteria adapt, become stronger and more resistant to antibacterial drugs.

Furthermore, these products are pretty expensive. But, there is an easy way around this problem – make your own green cleaning products! You'll be amazed what you can accomplish with simple household ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, sodium borate and a few other things.

Homemade Green Cleaning Products


How to Speed-Clean Your Bathrooms

The worst part of cleaning your house is doing the bathrooms. It sucks. But it's a necessary evil so here's the best way to speed clean them.

If you follow this guide, you should be able to knock-off all your bathrooms in about 20 minutes (provided you do this regularly and don't let them get too grimy).

Speed Clean Bathrooms