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5 Popular Essential Oils for Everyday Use in your House

essential oils

As people are becoming more weary of the chemicals present in many traditional cleaning solutions, essential oils are quickly becoming a popular staple among households. They're completely natural, versatile and surprisingly easy to use.

But for those new to essential oils, there's a lot of options and it may be hard to understand where to start. We're here to help get you started by exploring five of the more popular essential oils and how you can apply them in your house.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are derived from distilling or extracting different parts of plants. This could include the leaves, flowers, bark, roots, resin or peels. They're completely natural and their uses are diverse, ranging from household cleaning products to aromatherapy, personal beauty care and even natural medicine treatments.

The benefits generally come from their superpower antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. But perhaps more importantly, if you have a household full of curious pets or children, essential oils can give you some peace of mind knowing they won't be encountering harsh chemicals.

Five Popular Essential Oils

Lemon Oil

lemon oil


Lemon oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, making it an awesome fresh-scented cleaner and disinfectant! And really, who doesn't love a lemony-fresh scent drifting through the house?

Great for:

  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Laundry (for improved scent, especially if items are left in the washer for too long)
  • Wood and silver polish
  • Trash can deodorizer
  • Kitchen surface cleaner (add lemon directly to a damp sponge, wipe countertops and cutting boards to combat bacteria and germs)
  • Goo-be-gone (removes stickiness, on furniture for example)
  • Cleaning burnt pans (boil water and lemon oil)

Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil


Well-known for its powerful antiseptic properties. Specifically, the ability to treat wounds and kill bacteria!

Great for:

  • Killing mold and pathogens in the air (you can add this to a diffuser)
  • Eliminating black mold with direct contact
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Banishing mildew
  • Cleaning the washing machine (every 6 months is the average suggestion)

Lavender Oil

lavender oil


The health benefits of lavender oil include its ability to eliminate nervous tension and aid sleep. The oil is prominently used in aromatherapy.

Great for:

  • A natural air freshener, add to a diffuser to relax the household (great for kids, pets, and new guests)
  • Toilet rolls (add a drop inside of the cardboard tube of a roll of toilet paper. The aroma will fragrance the bathroom with every turn)
  • Carpet deodorizer (add 12 drops of lavender to 1 oz baking soda, mix well and sprinkle a mixture on carpets. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes, then vacuum!)
  • Lavender pairs well with another common natural cleaner (vinegar) for a great all-purpose solution!
  • Bug repellent, specifically for mosquitoes, midges, and moths

Orange Oil

orange oil


The most prominent active ingredients in orange oil are limonene. Limonene is considered a strong antioxidant.

Great for:

  • Combating grease stains in the kitchen (use 1-2 drops to lift grease or glue from surfaces)
  • Natural fabric softener
  • Replacing bleach as a tough kitchen and bathroom cleaner