About Mopify

Delivering a New Home Cleaning Service Experience

Mopify is trying to change the way house cleaning services work. We match homeowners with trusted cleaning professionals at rates that are more affordable than most other services. And you can administer it all online.

We believe this approach will make home cleaning more accessible and easier to manage while at the same time, it'll create work opportunities for professionals who love to clean.

At the end of the day, having a clean house relaxes you and frees-up your time to go do things that will make you happy. It is our mission to help you accomplish this in the most convenient and cost-effective way possible.

The Mopify Story

Mopify was launched by two technology guys who felt that the home cleaning industry was somewhat archaic and inefficient.

After having tried many different home cleaning services and never being completely satisfied with them, Mopify's founders decided to build one they'd actually want to use.

Aside from the obvious criteria of having experienced, thorough and super-friendly cleaners, the ultimate house cleaning service involved web-based tools that let customers manage everything themselves from any device they use.

We hope you enjoy it!

Our Values

  1. Customers -- We know almost every business says this, but we actually mean it. You are our #1 priority and we want to make sure you're pleased with every experience you have with us. Quite simply, our success depends on your happiness. We'll do anything it takes to ensure we deliver.

  2. Efficiency -- We're internet geeks. We like to do stuff ourselves online without having to deal with support people. So, we built tools that will let you manage your cleaning schedule yourself. Of course, give us a call or an email if you'd rather talk to a human -- we're always here to help.

  3. Our Partners -- Making sure Mopify cleaners are happy and fulfilled is very important to us. We've created a whole new model that empowers them to essentially be their own boss, telling us when and where they are willing to work.

Mopify Cleaners

Mopify cleaners are experienced and committed to ensuring your house is left immaculate. They're also screened, interviewed in person, submit police background checks and provide references.

Accountability is ensured as customers review cleaners after each cleaning. High satisfaction ratings must be maintained.

In the same way your satisfaction is paramount to us, we also want to make sure Mopify cleaners are happy. Mopify provides maximum flexibility where cleaners set their own schedules and decide when and where they are willing to work.

Contact Mopify

Phone Support: 1-866-743-9341
Email Support: support@mopify.com
Customer Support Hours: 8am to 8pm