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Follow These Steps to Keep Your House Perpetually Clean

Clean House

Ever feel overwhelmed once your house has gotten out-of-control messy and you're faced with tackling the disaster? Well, the best way to buck that feeling is to adopt some daily routines designed to avoid the mess altogether.

By committing to simple routines and small tasks, such as doing the dishes and brushing your animals, you can see your home become cleaner while not working yourself any harder. It’s quite magical actually.

Thus, to get you ready for the season of cleaning, here are some easy steps to follow to keep your house maintainably clean.

1. Do your dishes after you eat

It’s amazing how quick the dishes can pile up, so tackle the problem in advance. Finish the dishes after you eat, or even better while you cook, and you’ll be laughing in no time. Finishing dishes promptly ensures food never becomes caked on, your kitchen sink remains functional during the week, and that you never get burdened with a huge pile of dishes again.

2. Wear your clothes more than once

Just because you wore something once doesn’t mean you have to wash it! Keep track of what clothes can be worn again and start organizing your closet and hampers to reflect this. Our trick is to hang up all worn clothes immediately after wearing them, as this will ensure less loads of laundry and a cleaner room!

3. Make your bed

A clean bed is an anchor to a clean house. Simply take two minutes each morning to tuck your sheets and your room will look twice as clean. Plus, it’s a great way to feel a sense of accomplishment before you even drink your morning coffee.

4. Never leave empty-handed

If you’re constantly going to and from your room, or up and the down the stairs, why not carry one thing with you each time? We call this the “never leave empty handed” rule. By bringing one object back to its home each time you pass by it, (such as returning your laptop charger to your office or placing your children’s toys in their rooms), you will drastically limit the amount of time needed to clean while technically not even cleaning.

5. Brush your animals

While we all love our furry, four legged friends, we can all admit they shed a lot. From our beds to our couches, the rugs to the pillows, animal fur can get into almost everything. Avoid the stress (and the time) of constantly vacuuming and simply brush your animals outside in the summer and in the garage during the winter. You’ll notice a fresher, easier-to-maintain home instantly.

6. Give shoes and coats a home

Whether you have closet or not, try to find a place for your shoes and coats. Having shoes scattered around the front door can cause an accumulation of dirt and water, which eventually will make its way around your house.

Coats can also drag in snow and water and can become a pain when it comes time to organize or clean. Simply cut down on the amount of shoes and coats needed for each month by moving all unworn objects to a storage bin. You’ll be amazed by how many shoes and coats you’ll actually miss (the answer is none).