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Cleaning Schedule for Neglected Areas of your Home

clean your mattress

From changing the bed sheets to washing your jeans, everything in your home has its own expiry date. Waiting just a few days to a few weeks can turn some household objects from somewhat dirty to downright filthy.

While some people (such as teenage boys) have the ability to stretch these dates out for what seems like years, most people enjoy to be proactive in their cleaning and have schedules of when objects in their home, such as the fridge or garage, need to get cleaned. An obvious example of a popular cleaning schedule is spring cleaning. However, sometimes people can become a little too proactive in their cleaning schedules and start to clean every object in their home a little too often, causing things, such as those comfy blue jeans to become over washed, worn out, tight fitting jeans. Thus, in order to help you find that sweet middle point of a house cleaning schedule, here is a list of when everything in your house should be cleaned.

Mattress = Every Six Months

While you may sleep on it every night, a mattress surprisingly only needs some tender love and care every six months. This lengthy distance of time between cleanings is due to the fact that bed sheets trap most of the daily dirt and filth, which is another major reason why you should always have bed sheets!

To clean a mattress, simply vacuum the top, flip over (if it’s that type of mattress), and then use a cloth and shampoo to wipe out any stains.

Bed Sheets = Once a Week

While a mattress doesn’t need to be cleaned often, the same cannot be said about bed sheets. As the collectors of dust, dirt, and debris, bed sheets are one of the most important things to clean in your room on regular basis.

Washing your bed sheets (which includes pillowcases) helps you sleep easier, feel comfier, and even improves your breathing, as clean sheets prevent dust mites, which are associated with asthma and other breathing problems.

Pillows = Every Three Months

Since they are protected by pillowcases, your fluffy pillows are saved from regular weekly cleanings. However, we do recommend washing them every three months in order to get rid of of that lovely drool, sweat, and dust that accumulate over the 90 or so sleeps you have every three months.

You can generally fit two pillows in a washing machine at once, so the process is simple and doesn’t take much time at all!

Fridge = Every Two Weeks

A lot of people neglect cleaning their fridge, seeing the task to be only necessary when their power goes out or the milk gets spilt.

However, with the majority of your food being in the fridge, the fridge is actually among the top things that should be cleaned regularly. We recommend that every two weeks, you turn off the fridge, take everything out, and wipe out the inside.

A bi-weekly cleaning prevents bacteria from growing around your food and keeps your fridge lasting longer. Plus, by pulling all of your food out every two week, you give yourself a chance to toss out the food that is beyond expired (such as those old pickles or aging salsa).

Oven = Every Four Months

Cleaning every four months is safe way to prevent damages, since burnt, built-up food causes the oven to take longer to heat up and eventually wears it down, as well as destroy any existing bacteria, since many germs begin to call your oven home after a while.

To ensure your oven is clean, simply heat it to an extreme temperature, let it bake for a while, then wipe out the inside with some oven cleaning spray afterwards when it has cooled down. Some ovens even have automatic cleaning mechanisms within, allowing all of this to be done by just the push of a button. (It’s too bad all cleaning wasn’t that easy!).

Carpets = Once a Year

While we recommend carpets be vacuumed at least once a week, a deep clean is also required once a year. While vacuuming removes dirt and debris, it doesn’t capture all of the pollutants and bacteria that lie within the fabric.

Having a professional carpet cleaning once a week will make your home smell better, allow your family to breathe better, and even improves the lifespan of your carpet, as steam cleaning carpet cleanings not only removes pollutants and dirt, but also the buildup of moisture.