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Get work as a housekeeper with one of Ottawa's biggest sources for house cleaning jobs.

You can be getting cleaner jobs in just a couple days.

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Cleaner Jobs Near You

Cleaner Jobs Near You

Set your territory so you work when and where you want. There's no need to own a vehicle to work house cleaning jobs with Mopify. Take on as many or as little housekeeping jobs as you want.

Mopify Jobs - Great Rates

Great Rates

Mopify rates are well-above industry standards, with top cleaners earning over $1,000 each week. You're paid-out weekly for your cleaning jobs with a direct deposit into your bank account, making working with Mopify extremely convenient.

Working With Mopify - Lots of Jobs

Lots of Work

Mopify has thousands of customers across Ottawa as it's the number one cleaning job app. That means there's tons of cleaner jobs for you if you want them. We highly encourage you to submit an application as a cleaner.

Ultimate Flexibility - House Cleaning App

Ultimate Flexibility

Working with Mopify means you pick when and where you'd like to take on jobs. A very convenient way of working if you have kids, another job or any other things in life that require your time. There's also no need to own a vehicle to work with Mopify.

Amazing Support - Mopify Jobs

Amazing Support

We pride ourselves on having quick and friendly support for you when you're in the field. You won't wait long for an answer to a question and there's always somebody on-hand to help you with directions or any other need you may have.

Mopify Jobs - Great Rates

Non Exclusive

Already have your own house cleaning customers? That's great! Use Mopify to fill-in the gaps in your schedule. Work as much or as little as you want.

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Please Make Sure You:

  1. Have minimum 1 year paid cleaning experience
  2. Or 1 year housekeeping experience
  3. Are legally eligible to work in Canada
  4. Are able to pass criminal background check
  5. Are comfortable with technology (internet, email, etc.)